MAC Pals

If you are new to MAC or if this is your first time attending a MAC event, we have designed a special program for you. MAC Pals is a unique navigator program that matches experienced members with new members or first-time attendees. Your MAC Pal will help guide you through your first MAC meeting.

Experienced members, please consider serving as a MAC Pal to assist your fellow members with navigating the conference, meeting other members, and learning about the organization.

Two ways to register:
1. On the 2015 conference registration form, check the appropriate box to join the MAC Pals program.
2. Contact Natalie Morath at indicating if you are a new or experienced member who would like to join MAC Pals for the 2015 conference.

You will be notified April 22, 2015, of your MAC Pal’s name and contact information.

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