Kentucky State Archives Releases New Search Tool for Historic Government Web Sites

Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Contact: Valerie Edgeworth, 502-564-8300 ext. 246

Do you know the best way to search for photographs, speeches, audio and video clips, and other records that appeared on Kentucky state government websites in the last fifteen years? Do you wonder what the earliest state government websites looked like and how they have evolved?  These and other historical inquiries can be answered via the new Kentucky Website Archives, part of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) e-Archives at the Kentucky State Archives.

The Kentucky State Archives began copying the Governor’s Office website in 2003, along with those from the Lieutenant Governor’s and First Lady’s Offices.  As websites grew more complex, staff began to evaluate other ways to undertake website preservation and access.  KDLA recently joined Archive-It, a subscription service of the Internet Archive.  Tools used by Archive-It provide a more methodical and controlled way to harvest websites of Kentucky state government, and to provide access to those websites for historical research.

The Kentucky Website Archives provides access to websites of the Governor’s Office, all other constitutional officers, and the Legislative and Judicial Branches, dating back to 2000. The Kentucky Website Archives facilitates both browsing and searching by date, organizational hierarchy, keyword, and web site type (social media and traditional web site).  For access to the Kentucky Website Archives, see:

Archive-It is a web archiving service of the Internet Archive that harvests and preserves digital collections.

KDLA provides equitable access to quality library and information resources and services, as well as helps public agencies ensure that legislatively mandated documentation of government programs is created, efficiently maintained, and made accessible. For more information on KDLA resources, programs and services visit or call 502-564-8300.


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