KCA Email List


The Kentucky Council on Archives (KCA) email list is administered by the KCA board and intended to facilitate communication and discussion among archivists and those interested in archives and special collections in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The list is open to all individuals with an interest in the archives profession, archival practice, and the preservation and promotion of archival materials in Kentucky. KCA membership is not required for participation in the group.

To join the list, send a request here:


To post a message to the list, use: kentucky-council-on-archives[at]googlegroups[dot]com. You will need to join the group before posting. New members will be added to the KCA listserv to receive information on KCA meetings, events, job postings, dues reminders, and other updates.

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You do not need a Google account to view or post messages to the list. If you do not have a Google account you will not be able to access the email list archive, but you will still be able to receive and send emails to the group.

Responsibility of Participants

Participants agree to restrict their messages to the scope of the list, to use generally accepted principles of netiquette, to respect the interests and rights of other participants and of KCA, and to respect the law. Participants are solely responsible for their postings.

By subscribing to the KCA group, participants grant KCA permission to record essential contact information (e.g., names and email addresses) in its central database.

Anyone posting to the list grants KCA and the list subscribers a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, preserve, and use such information or material in any manner without payment or any other compensation to the posting party.

Scope of the List

The purpose of the list is to communicate topics related to the archives profession in Kentucky. These terms of participation are not intended to constrain scholarly or professional presentation, discourse, or debate, so long as subscribers exchange information in a respectful manner.

Messages unrelated to the archives profession, such as the following, are off topic and prohibited:

  • General interest posts unrelated to archives.
  • Discussion of the group itself or the behavior of individual posters. (Direct complaints or concerns about the group or group netiquette to the KCA board.)
  • Commercial advertisements for goods or services.
  • Messages directed to specific individuals, except when these are responses to a posting and intended for the entire list.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Political speech unrelated to archival issues, including but not limited to endorsing or attacking a particular political candidate or party, or the views of any candidate or party.
  • Virus warnings.


Participants are expected to follow these core rules of listserv netiquette:

  • Avoid inflammatory remarks of a personal nature, and be slow to take offense when reading a message. Assume that an individual has good intentions when posting a message but that the medium may make an innocent message seem insulting.
  • Ensure subject lines accurately represent the content of the message.

Specific Rules

All list subscribers must follow these specific rules to ensure the value of the list to all subscribers:

  • Post no more than five original postings to the list in any twenty-four-hour period. There are no limits to responses to postings.
  • Avoid posting messages formatted with HTML code, if possible, as many email readers and the list’s digest readers are unable to read these messages easily.


The KCA email list is a professional forum. If a subscriber breaks any of the rules of the list, the KCA Board will remind that person of the rules off-list. If a subscriber breaks the rules persistently, the KCA Board will send the individual subscriber a warning. All enforcement of the rules of the list will be conducted off-list.

KCA reserves the right to block or permanently remove participants if off-topic or abusive messages threaten to disrupt the functioning of the list. KCA may also block or remove participants for violating the copyright of others or for any other actions that do not conform to these Terms of Participation.


The opinions expressed on the KCA list do not necessarily represent those of KCA and are not endorsed by KCA.