Constitutional Update – Your Questions Welcomed, Your Vote Needed!

As most of you know, the KCA Board has been in the process of attaining tax exempt/non-profit status for KCA; one step in this process is creating Articles of Incorporation for our organization.  While using our current KCA constitution to create these Articles, the board noticed some discrepancies between actual KCA practices and how governance is defined in our constitution.  We have spent the past few months closely reviewing the constitution, clarifying positions, terms, and voting, as well as standardizing language.  The full constitution with suggested revisions is available online.

One of the main changes is clarifying that all of the members of the board are elected members – this includes the treasurer, newsletter editor, and webmaster, which were all appointees in the past.  The board believes these three positions should all be elected by the membership and have full voting rights on the board for their three year terms.

The constitution also stated that the chairperson would be chosen by the board from the existing board members, which has not been the practice for some time.  The language now reads that a chair-elect will be voted in by the membership each year, and will hold a three year term (year 1 as chair-elect, year 2 as chair, and year 3 as chair ex-officio).  Chair ex-officio is the only member of the board who does not have voting rights, unless there is a tied vote.

The members-at-large positions and terms were not clarified in the constitution, and so a point setting out the term lengths of those positions has been added.  All board members would now be elected for three year terms.

The final major revision is to the constitution’s dissolution statement.  When creating Articles of Incorporation, the board needed to consider an organization to select as the recipient of any residual assets should KCA fold.  We suggest that the Special Collections Department at Western Kentucky University, the holder of the KCA archival records, is the best recipient.

Please contact the KCA board with any questions about these suggested changes, and please join us for the business meeting on June 6 to cast your vote.

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