Administrative Board & Officers

The Kentucky Council on Archives Board conducts the business of the organization. Nine elected members comprise the Board: a chair, chair-elect, chair ex-officio, three members-at-large, treasurer, newsletter editor, and webmaster. Elections are held at the spring meeting each year. All positions hold three year terms which are staggered to maintain the continuity of the Board. The chair serves as chair-elect for one year, chair for the second year, and finally chair ex-officio in the third year. All board members are voting members, except for the chair ex-officio who votes only in the case of ties.

Current Administrative Board and Officers

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Articles of Incorporation



Committees may be formed on an ad hoc basis as needed. Each committee shall be composed of a chair and at least three members. Committees are to report quarterly to the Administrative Board with major actions being approved by the Board.