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Summer flies and I can’t believe it’s already been five weeks since 47 of us gathered at Keeneland for a productive day of learning and networking. We are deeply grateful to Keeneland Library for sponsoring the meeting—without your support, it would have been impossible for KCA to experience Keeneland!
In case you missed the meeting or would like to review it, minutes from the membership business meeting are available on the website. The treasury report will be available in further detail this fall. KCA paid $284.10 above registration fees, as was anticipated and allotted for. KCA collected $1,492.54 in registration fees from 49 registrants. To date, KCA has 73 dues-paying members. If you still need to renew your membership, see the website for online payment or mail-in option.

During the meeting, several individuals expressed an interest in reestablishing the content management user group. I also mentioned the establishment of a formal committee for the Fund Award. If you are interested in becoming a member of the content management user group, please email committee chair Sandy Baird at sarah.patterson@maplemount.org. If more than one person from an institution would like to serve, please indicate a primary and an alternate in order to represent the broadest possible range of institutions.

The board is meeting on August 4 to plan a fall event- keep an eye for details in late August/early September.

Finally, KCA members are invited to use the KCA email list for relevant announcements. If you have an announcement to share, send it to me at ryckbosta1@nku.edu.

Best regards,
Anne Ryckbost
KCA Chair

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